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Embroidery Stitch and Embellishment Details

Clutch Purse
Feather Stitch Variation with Beads and Detached Chain Stitch.
Feather stitch variation
This is 2 rows of a Feather Stitch Variation with Beads.
Detached Chain Stitch with long seal off tails. A tip for getting the angles of the stitch is to do the middle stitch first and then add the side stitches.
This Satin ribbon bow covers 2 seams I tie the bow and then twist the tails stitching them in place with tiny tacking stitches and then go back along it covering each of my tacking stitches with a colonial knot or bead.
Herringbone stitch worked to one side of the seam rather than over the seam and trimmed with different sized beads just on one side.
2 Rows of Cretan stitch timmed with beads on one side and Silk Ribbon rose buds on the other side...the rose buds are a loosly worked silk ribbon straight stitch with a green fly stitch to hold the sides of the ribbon.
Buttonhole Stitch with the arms at different lengths and trimmed with beads...this is a very simple but elegant variation of Buttonhole stitch.
Feather Stitch trimmed with beads and overlaid with a Flower Cluster.
2 Rows of Chevron Stitch with Beads.
I am showing these 2 seams together because the bottom seam has a different stitch on either side of the seam rather than being over the seam and it has 3 different stitch combinations along its length one of which is shared with the other seam, an effect that I really like...Colonial knots are clustered (a good way to use the odd ends of threads ) at one end of the seam and Herringbone trimmed with little pink straight stitches and beads at the other end. On the other side of the seam is a row of Satin Ribbon loops and tiny detached chain and colonial knot flowers which start by trimming the ends of the Herringbone stitch but then split of along the other seam.
Lace Motif and Bead Trail.

Crazy Quilted Clutch Purse

Clutch Purse
Clutch Purse...30cm (12 inch) wide...made by Annie Whitsed November 1992
The pattern for this Clutch Purse is on Page 88 in Crazy Quilt Odyssey by Judith Baker Montano.
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Lace and Bead Butterfly.
Simple Button Cluster.